About Julia

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Why hello there!

I’m Julia & I am a wellness junkie.

& I’m kind of food obsessed.. Infatuated, really. & for some crazy reason I feel compelled to make you just as disgustingly in love with food as I am.

So sue me- no, don’t sue me.. That’s opposite the point I’m trying to make.

Srrrrriously tho.

Get over it. Accept it. Embrace it. Bring it in for a little cuddle.. 

Wait, what?

I love feel good foods. Nourishing high energy noms that keep you vibrant & zesty throughout the day. I even dabble in gluten-free treats from time to time. A life without gluten-free donuts is just not a life worth living.. Nope, it’s really not.

I’m a reformed vegan. & I don’t say this to down being vegan or say my revised diet is superior to being a veg-head.. I loved being vegan & still eat that way sometimes, but to properly nourish my bod & heal certain internal issues I made the choice to switch up my diet. Each person is different & thrives off of a diet specific to them. Some of the “healthiest foods” for most people prove toxic to my tummy, so it has been about finding what works for me & I highly encourage you to take the care to do the same!

You sly dog! You got me monologuing- I can’t believe it.. 

I am a bit weary to label my diet now though.. We all have this habit of placing our identity in silly things, so I’m trying to avoid that these days.

I will say this though, I don’t eat yuckies like refined sugars, junk foods or gluten.

Junk free, that’s how I choose to be.

I eat to fuel my body. Not as reward. Not as pure indulgence. But to power my body the best that I know how. & as a bonus, it just so happens to taste really freaking good.

You still there? No?
Shucks.. Guess I’ll keep babbling away to myself then.

As you probs know.. Wellness doesn’t just mean nourishing yourself right with food. It’s a holistic view on health. Another passion of mine that ranks right up there with my love of food, is my love of fitness.

I am an athlete.
& YOU are an athlete.
(even if you don’t quite realize it yet)

I love crossfit. I love running. I love hiking. I love basketball, volleyball, football, softball, etc. etc. etc. If it is active, chances are I enjoy it. I was always a runner growing up, as I have a crazy fast marathoner mama. I love running & I am so thankful to her for instilling that passion in me. 🙂 But I have had troubles balancing my hormones since early high school &, for gals like me, long periods of sustained cardio can make it hard on your body to produce adequate hormones. So I found another love to balance out my running..


I’ve loved finding this new strength in myself & exploring this other sport that I can excel in & that supports me as I also work to get my hormones in check. Did you know heavy lifting, high intensity intervals & sprints create a favorable conditions for proper hormonal support/production in the body? Well now you do.

Healing myself from the inside out has been the most challenging & empowering experience. Something I’m consistently working at & learning more and more about. I think It is very important to share my journey, because I know there are many women out there who are in situations just like I am.

Final tidbits about me..

Right now I work with inspiring little peanut athletes at Ivivva. I love what I do so much & think it is vital to instill positive ideals in young girls lives. It’s okay to be strong & be a female! These girls are so talented & full of passions & they inspire me virtually every single day. I know what you’re probably thinking.. “Little girls? Between the ages of 4-14.. Inspiring a 23 year old? Seriously, Julia?”

& the answer will always be yes. Most of them are way more talented than I will ever be & I just think that is the bees knees.

Oh, hey.
Did I mention I love my job. 😉

My ultimate goal is to open my own Crossfit Box. Still a couple years off in the future, but little by little I’m taking action steps now to make sure that I actually get there! **This website/blog being one of those steps. 🙂

Anything worth having takes work to achieve.

The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.

Stick around to follow my relentless pursuit of wellness & pick up some healthy recipes & tricks along the way!



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